The Way of the Soul

Who knows the way of the soul

shapeless, full of mysteries, 

knows  the secrets of old

hints here and there, but the path remains hidden

who truly knows the way of the soul?

dormant helix, wake up! Let my third eye see the glory!

stardust I am, yet I remain blind to the light.

who knows the way of the soul

©2022 Micheline Jean Louis

Thee god?

There is no god coming to save us

We are on our own

There’s no heaven or hell waiting on the other side

This is it!

We were conditioned to believe so we can be controlled

You really believed there’s a loving God looking down to earth.

Centuries after centuries watching atrocities after atrocities, massacre,

Disease, wars, all the evil taking place and doeth nothing? You really believe (He) is preparing  a room for you in his kingdom? So many religions and so many books, so many gods and all the believers,  believe their books are the true words and their god is thee god.

They fight and killed one another in the name of their gods.

The book that man wrote, claimed inspired by a god, pass it to the crowds , the crowds say ok, and voila, humanity is fuck!

Example. The people took all their gold and melted it in the fire. the people carved an image out of the melted gold, and shouted with joy,  this will be our new god and they bow down and worship the image they carved with their bare hands.

©2022 Micheline Jean Louis