Love that can never be


The Maiden: “Allow me to see you at your worst and I will show you the beauty of unconditional love.”
Narrator: With an anguish voice and sorrow in his eyes, the king replied.
The King: “Though I am king and have many great powers, the most important one is the one I lack.”
Narrator: Tears fell from her face, for she knew the answer that would spill from his lips. The king cupped her face in his hand and kissed her tears and whispered to her.
The King: “I do not have the powers to become undisguised, nor naked. I am forever to be masked and never to be loved for the man that I truly am. This glorious love that beams in your soul and radiate through your wondrous smile that promises infinite bliss is much like a poem that I wish to recite, however, I will never be cognizant of such words for the mask that I am destined to wear.”
Narrator: He kissed her gently and walked away as his soul wept for the love that can never be.

Written by Micheline Jean Louis
Painting by Marc Fishman

I am too broken to be fixed



Every morning I cringed at the sight of the rising sun

I wish darkness would remain forever?

Why am I being force to deal with these ugly

Scars that marred my soul, why must I deal with a

Life that has shown me no kindness

Every night I am plague with the thoughts of seeing another day

If only I was not such a coward, if only I was strong enough

To end this breath they call life.

Oh do not be shock, nor give me your pity

And don’t patronize me by offering me sympathies

They will do no justice to the horror’s that has become

My bedfellow, I am too broken to be fix.

I am too weak to keep fighting a war that I did not create.

At one point I did fight like hell trying to capture life

But that was until I realized that life was running away from me

I did not want to drown into this abyss, I looked around for a life line

I scream and scream hoping someone or something would send me a

A rope to hold on to, but love never had eyes for me, I was not pretty enough

Or worthy enough, so I just drowned into hopelessness.

I know I’m not the only one, some have found favor in the eyes of love

Some have been kissed by hope, and some has found the rope of purpose

While some others has found grace in the arms of suicide. But then you have those

That are like me the tortured souls wandering about with no doors to walk through

We are living in hell, lost souls among the living wearing the mask of teachers, students,

Doctors, public figures, entertainers, friends, mothers, fathers, writers, poets, philosophers

Preachers, leaders, we are right on the edge daily praying for a strong enough wind to push us over the cliff.    Micheline Jean Louis