Pain the first to kiss their soul

There are some people that has been knock down so many times, and yes they’ve gotten back up, but just could not find the courage to keep fighting, they stop trying to dodge the blows of life, they simply prepare and learn to take the punches as they come, they sort of become immune to it by expecting it,they are never surprise. it’s a state of mind that it hurt less when you know the blow are coming, you just tighten your muscle, a defense mechanism. these individuals learn to suffer in silence, only the moonlight has been granted access to see their tears at night, they wear daily mask of fake smiles. These individuals didn’t start out that way, they were once a people full of hope, courage, and dreams, but pain was the first to find them and kiss their soul,  pain was the first to say I love you, pain was the first to say I will remain faithful to you, you will always have my arms around you. hope, courage and dreams  just stood there while these individual whispered ‘I love you.” But only pain answered back….. to be continued

-Micheline Jean Louis


Go Away

Go away, I’m not ready
I can’t love you now, is not in me to love right now
I’m to damage to even love myself
So go away,
If you stay I will bruise your heart
I will make you regret that you can feel your own heartbeat,
Release my soul and let me be damn in my destruction, don’t hold on to me
I will bring you into my hell,
Go away.
The vision of me you love is a vision you created,
I will sank my fangs into your beautiful soul and cause
Bitterness to bloom, I will drank your passion until it’s all drained,
I will amuse myself in your desires of forever until you wither into nothingness.
Go away,
Please love me enough to walk away and love yourself even more not to look back.

(Stay away from anyone that is incapable of receiving your love and is not in a position to love you back.)

~Micheline Jean Louis