Flying with battered Wings

We are birds that fly with battered wings.

It is painful, you know, but we want to live.

So we endure the pain. We must fly as long as we have wings.

No matter its conditions,

We must fly. We weren’t meant to have damaged wings.

But the hand of evil is everywhere.

We are the little girls and the little boys that were

Forgotten by god for a moment

In the jungle filled with beastly things, we were left unprotected.

We are damaged souls walking on broken glass that once held our beauty and innocence.

Looking for wholeness, some limp, some crawling, nevertheless we are moving.

We bear the scars of man’s weakness, the victims of those that lost their humanity,

Yet we find ways to live and, for some of us, if we can’t find a way, we create a way.

We suffer in silence among you, in the work place, the classrooms, we sit next to you in the church.

And to some we are  wives and husbands, yet you are unaware.

We are birds that fly with battered wings,

It is painful, you know, but we want to live.

So we endure the pain, no matter the conditions.

We must fly to live

©2022 Micheline Jean Louis

We fought the wrong war

We sat across the table staring into silence, so much was said, without spoken words. Wrap in the arms of loneliness while our presence is so near

Who have we become?How did we become the monsters within?While only seeking love,I hurt you and you hurt me.

Tic toc, where has time gone?. All the moments we’ve lost while searching for new ones. Those moments that never came

The leaves are changing again. Another season has come and gone. Shattered dreams, forgotten promises, we fail love, We fought the wrong war.

©2022 Micheline Jean Louis