Only your love can heal me

As I walk these cold streets,

Loneliness takes hold of me

Hoping my heart echoes

Reach your soul.

Come and free me,

From the snares of brokenness

Heal the scars of imitation love.

Without you I am divided,I keep slipping in love with pretenders

But I no longer want to fall but to walk in love (reflect)

My soul awaits! Where are you?

My journey without you is like walking barefooted

On burning coals.

Come let me look into your eyes once more

So I can leave the present pain behind

Let me see my beauty shining through your eyes again,

The gate to divine love.

Once more allow me to be that precious gem that used to shine in your heart

Micheline Jean Louis

Walk in your divine origin.

When you realized that you are connected to the universe, you then realized that you have full access to everything and that you lack nothing, do you realized we are made from the same stuff that stars are made of? At night we gazed upon the stars in sheer wonderment, we awe at its beauty, well now when you’re looking at the stars at night, know that you are looking at a part of yourself, a part of your origin. What’s inside you are in the universe and what’s in the universe is in you, you are wholeness. Know that you lack nothing; you have access to peace, love, joy, total wellness and wealth. You are not alone and never was, you are a part of something majestic and powerful, when I say your DNA is divine, is not an understatement, from now on I want you to focus on how significant and privilege you are to be a part of this life,take nothing for granted, I want you to know that you matter, you have greatness in you because you are made from greatness, from now on walk in your divine origin.

~Micheline Jean Louis