We’re all just fighting to be recognized, we want to know that we are not alone in this maze. We want to feel like we belong. Our fear is that we are running out of time to exist, we are running out of time to matter, to be love, to become something more, not just another grain of sand in the sea, we want to shine, we want history to remember us. we are constant in our search for a bit of luck and magic, anything to signify something special. we want the memory of us to be immortal even after our physical body has decay, we want continual existence. we want meaning, we want to exist and matter now and tomorrow…. ©2022 Micheline Jean Louis

The Way of the Soul

Who knows the way of the soul

shapeless, full of mysteries, 

knows  the secrets of old

hints here and there, but the path remains hidden

who truly knows the way of the soul?

dormant helix, wake up! Let my third eye see the glory!

stardust I am, yet I remain blind to the light.

who knows the way of the soul

©2022 Micheline Jean Louis