Be Open, Be Willing

We can start out looking for one thing and end up finding something else, which turns out to be what we really needed. We all have a story to share, for some the book cover is the deciding factor, for others the adventure truly begins when they open the book and start discovering page by page. Do not limit your life adventures and possibilities by being close minded, be open, be willing and watch the universe conspire to bring your heart desires to fruition.

Micheline Jean Louis

We Must Become

We must become that moment

We must become that time

We must become that love

We must become that joy

We must become that captivating moment

We must become the heart that yields

We must become forgiveness and tolerance

We must become that warmth that reflect kisses from the sun

We must become all that matters in love

We must become all that we desire from the world to the world

~Micheline Jean Louis