Forever is NOW

Forever Is now, forever is every opportunity we take to enjoy, to learn, and to experience in a moment, those are the moments that are written down on the page of time and that cannot be erased or taken back. Forever is now, forever are the moments we create by living in the Now, by cherishing every encounter by allowing ourselves to become greater in every experience. Forever is the present forgiving the past and the present inviting the future and the future saying YES!.

Micheline Jean Louis

Perhaps Amidst the chaos of one seeking Identity


We are living in a time where there is a great desire to find self, perhaps in this chaos, this confusion of identity will lead us all to something greater, perhaps in our mission to discover where we belong and who we are when it comes to, race, religion, gender etc., we’ll somehow end up in oneness by realizing that all of us came from one source and when death kiss our trembling lips, it will bring us back into the arms of that one source. Perhaps

~Micheline Jean Louis