Happy New year to you all.


Happy New year to you all, I would like to thank each and every one of you that has taken the time to read and comment, we are all painters with words, giving life to feelings, we write to excite to inspire the imagination, and some of us write because is therapeutic, a form of healing. We have another 365 days to do it again but this time even better, let us never deny our creativity entrance, always give it wings to soar, I wish you all total wellness, love, peace and most importantly that your creativity will grow to new heights. And remember when you write from your soul, you captivate the heaven which become spellbound by such passion and little by little whispers it secret into your soul.

~Best regards Micheline Jean Louis

To my fellow writers Happy New Year!

Pebbles on a table

Happy New years to you all! I would like to take this time to thank you all for following my blog. Every likes and comments are a source of encouragement to keep painting with words, it takes great courage to do what we do as writers, writing down our thoughts, feelings, experiences, our sorrows and our Joys. We are exposing ourselves, but if you are like me, you understand the art of writing and the power of writing. When we decide to paint with words as I call it, we are allowing ourselves to become the instrument of magic that sprinkle the mind with dreams ,beauty and hopes, in the writing world we are the doctors and the nurses that are providing wellness to the mind, you know healing often start in the mind first before it manifest in the physical body, that is the power that lies in what we do as writers, as we embark on this New year my hopes and wishes for you all, is to understand and accept the power that is in your divine talent, and that your gift will continue to flourish. Every poem, every quote, every chapter that we write is fulfilling a purpose in destiny and not just for us, but for all humanity, every time we write and we share that piece of writing, the effects is like taking a pebble and throwing it into the sea, no matter the size of the pebble, its effect creates a dynamic to the vastness of the ocean. Keep writing my friends for it is your divine gift which has a great purpose. Once again Happy New years to you all ~Micheline Jean Louis