Last night dreams

Last night in My dream

he’s energy vibe like me

sound like me, he’s soul echoes my heart desire

he remind me of the home I’ve been waiting for

should I embrace this warmth, this peace that I’m feeling

could this be love, the one and only love..

he’s openness make me want to love like i’ve never love before

I want to break down the walls and lay down my fears

and let him hold me in his arms, allow his love protect me,

 it’s so easy now to close my eyes and see a future 

I thought was impossible, could this be love the one and only love.

~Micheline Jean Louis


gods that has forgotten who they are.


What is in a kiss that causes the heart to skip a beat?
What is in a touch that causes us to radiate from within?
Why does love crave its memory from us?
Why does perception liberate some and imprison others
What tenacity inspired the caged bird to sing?
The color of our skin, religions and desire for power has greatly divided us; funny death will kiss us all on the lips. “Whispers the soul of men.
“Would you look at that! Says the presence, the things these humans wonder about.”
Yes they are human”, says the past to the future, “I fear it may not be a good thing for you.”
The future replied, “I am a fool of hope I suppose, that is the core of my existence.
If there was no hope I would cease to exist. We exist because they do. Men are gods that has forgotten who they are. I called them the phoenix of time,
They become and then die just to become again something greater. Yes men are on the verge of destruction, but that’s a good thing, they shall become something greater. Men has been seeking since the beginning of time something bigger than themselves, they are very aware that they are lost, so I have faith that in their desire to find, will bring them to the discovery of their divine nature,their godliness.

Micheline Jean Louis

Painting by: unknown