Dear death, where are you? When will you come for me? I’ve been waiting for you to save me, I’m eager for the tenderness of your kiss that will take my breath away. I long for your presence that will usher me into nothingness,that peaceful place where all that exists is silence. I yearn for your arms around me to shield from this life of pain. My beloved I beseech you to heed upon my request and make haste, do not wait till I wither away before you pluck me out of this misery call living, have mercy! Look upon my sorrows, my battered soul has run out of room for scars, I’m too  broken to see the purpose of the sun, the rising rays only further infuse how I was betrayed by love wrath. I’m no use for this life and neither life is useful to me. I implore your grace death, please come save me. Your promises of eternal darkness  is my last hope, do not fail me as life did. Im nothing but a forgotten memory to this world of the living. I urge you to examine my past, for I am confident you will find me worthy of an end. Yours truly a victim of unrequited love.


Bliss or Death

To be no more
To feel nothing
To see nothing
Pure silence
To submerged in nothingness
No heartbeat
No cravings or desires
Emotions blank,
The stench of the past gone
No aching present
No dreams to dream for future gains,
I call myself bliss a gift to mankind
I am the womb that opens up in pain
To give you a place to find eternal rest,
But to those that fear peace, they call me Death.

~Micheline Jean Louis