Flickering flames.

Numbness in the soul

Growing pain fusing

Youthfulness decay

Brittle bones sorrow

The future is force.

So Who am I? Who are you, but flickering flames for life amusement

Yes, our path will be different, but our journey will end the same,

Beneath the earth we shall all lay once death decide we are worthy to be kiss.

The numbness in my soul has no cure as the pain around my heart fuses.

The youthfulness I once admire, decaying by life misery.

My bones brittle from sorrow, the weight is too heavy.

I did not choose this life, nor its future.

So who am I, and who are you, but flickering flames for life amusement.

~Micheline Jean Louis

When love don’t remember love.

lovers shadows

We passed each other in silence, a stranger to you since I’m a stranger to myself. You seem familiar to my soul, but damn it! my fears won’t let me remember. That music you play sound familiar, it sounds like we composed it together lying near the ocean capturing its notes, but my hopeless heart won’t let my spirit recall such a moment. Your eyes speak a language that only I seem to understand, but I dare not translate, Illusion can be such a lonely place, when it’s just you there.. Nature seems to understand our plight (love not remembering love,) the wind teases my senses about you, for every now and then it blows your scent my way and I would stop to inhale, but it would not linger long enough for me to believe that it is you. There are times when I would wake up to search for you, but then I would hear the voice of reality screaming, and I would listen to it reasoning and just go back to closing my eyes. My heart and mind long for you with such insanity, for I know you are near me, yet I can’t hold you, the closeness of your presence causes my heart to ache, I wish I could touch you. I know you are here waiting patiently for me to turn around and whisper “I remember you”, I know you are here hoping that I would let go of the hands of fear and grab yours, but fear has a hold on me, this journey of love has not been kind to my heart, I’ve come across the A-list actors pretending to be you, I believe them, and you can tell by the scars around my heart the price I paid. I know you’re here, However in the meantime, we will continue passing each other in silence as I long for you, and while you just stand there wondering why I don’t remember. Woe unto us, the greatest travesty to the heart is when fear causes the heart to forget that love was once its home.

By Micheline Jean Louis

Image by leonneal.com