Beast roams around the heart

dark place

Tick tock

Time is running

Tears  falling

No one to blame

But love…..

Tick tock

Your misery

My haunting shadow

Love was not enough…..

Tick tock

Broken pieces

The arrow that pierce

I dug the grave for your heart…

Your beauty saw the beast in me and tried to save

But at the end your love was not enough

At the end I turned your beauty into a monster.

Midnights strikes no glass slippers to find, but a grave where you buried your heart

Tick tock sometime love is not enough for the beast that roams around the heart.

~Micheline Jean Louis

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We Must Become

We must become that moment

We must become that time

We must become that love

We must become that joy

We must become that captivating moment

We must become the heart that yields

We must become forgiveness and tolerance

We must become that warmth that reflect kisses from the sun

We must become all that matters in love

We must become all that we desire from the world to the world

~Micheline Jean Louis