Your beautiful and victorious self NOW!


The pain I experienced in the past, no longer hurt nor has a hold on me. I made a conscious choice not to own those painful feelings anymore, and as long I don’t owned those emotions I can’t be its victim. Today I want you to set your mind, body and spirit free, by releasing all the negativity of your past that’s weighing you down, and has been keeping you from enjoying your beautiful and victorious self NOW.”

Quotes by Micheline Jean Louis

Painting by Unknown

Love that can never be


The Maiden: “Allow me to see you at your worst and I will show you the beauty of unconditional love.”
Narrator: With an anguish voice and sorrow in his eyes, the king replied.
The King: “Though I am king and have many great powers, the most important one is the one I lack.”
Narrator: Tears fell from her face, for she knew the answer that would spill from his lips. The king cupped her face in his hand and kissed her tears and whispered to her.
The King: “I do not have the powers to become undisguised, nor naked. I am forever to be masked and never to be loved for the man that I truly am. This glorious love that beams in your soul and radiate through your wondrous smile that promises infinite bliss is much like a poem that I wish to recite, however, I will never be cognizant of such words for the mask that I am destined to wear.”
Narrator: He kissed her gently and walked away as his soul wept for the love that can never be.

Written by Micheline Jean Louis
Painting by Marc Fishman