I begin again

I begin again, don’t judge me

I’m not steady in this ebb and flow

The mass try to silence my thinking but

Being mute is not an option.

The mirror says it all they say, but nothing Is understood

I dig into this vineyard of life, hoping to taste its bliss

But thus far my thirst is not quenching

So I begin again.

~Micheline Jean Louis

When passion sings in the night


To his tender kiss, I surrender

The delight of his touch incite a craving for more

He opened his soul as he explore, holding nothing back

I felt his unspoken thoughts as he caresses me

The touch of his warm lips, like a paint brush painting my body in passion

How beautiful I felt in arms.

His soul echoed what my heart has yearned for, oneness

As I fell asleep I can hear the softness of passion singing in the night and

It lingers in my dream, reminding me of what it felt like to be caress by the soul of a man.

Micheline Jean Louis

Painting by R.Young