Let me

Let me empty myself in your grace

Let me unveil my fears

Let me warm your soul with kisses

Let me paint you with words of love

Let me in your void, to find a resting place

Let me near your heart, so when I take my last breath I may greet death with a smile

Knowing I was close to heaven.

– Micheline Jean Louis

Go Away

Go away, I’m not ready
I can’t love you now, is not in me to love right now
I’m to damage to even love myself
So go away,
If you stay I will bruise your heart
I will make you regret that you can feel your own heartbeat,
Release my soul and let me be damn in my destruction, don’t hold on to me
I will bring you into my hell,
Go away.
The vision of me you love is a vision you created,
I will sank my fangs into your beautiful soul and cause
Bitterness to bloom, I will drank your passion until it’s all drained,
I will amuse myself in your desires of forever until you wither into nothingness.
Go away,
Please love me enough to walk away and love yourself even more not to look back.

(Stay away from anyone that is incapable of receiving your love and is not in a position to love you back.)

~Micheline Jean Louis