The storm is coming

Clear the way the storm is coming
The gathering of dust has begun
The colorful leaves knows their time is near
We can hear the sound of her heart breaking from afar
We know her rage will be great
Her wrath will be like no other
The clouds witness her pain, so in unity they stand
Thunders roars, lightning strikes
The sun in shame hid her face, so darkness looms
The ground chant “you sow chaos, so chaos you shall reap”
The ocean recede to gather her might to strike
Rocks crumbling, volcanoes roaring
The end is here, Oh children of men, where will you find shelter?
The gods has erase their memory of you
Nature has raise swords against you.
What will you do? there is no hiding place.
Children of men, judgment has come upon you
And you have been found guilty.
In the middle of the desert in darkness, an Old Wise man whispers these words
“Alas dust remembers her image and she wants all her children back,
From dust we came, from dust we shall return.”
~Micheline Jean Louis

No certainty of what’s to come and what will be ( This New Life)


Walking this road with no directions, just instincts and majority of the time those instincts leads to uncharted territory. Sometime life can be a desolate desert, brutal, a voided place with only loneliness to fill. Every now and then one might stumble upon a tree that gives repose to a weary soul, however, it seems the majority of time there’s always a battle to fight, the onset of life dangers, the unpredictable that bring about the tides of pains and heartaches to stay alive and sane. I find myself questioning everyone and everything, and the more I question, the urgency ignites towards the mystery of it all, which beckons me to come closer. Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? the never ending record playing in my mind, it feels like my soul has looked into a mirror that cannot be broken, forever before me, possess I search for the beauty that have not been discovered, the secret only I would retain . I keep searching for a love that bear no face or definition, trying to quench a burning desire of something greater than myself; If Only I knew what that desire entails, yet I know the only way to have peace of mind is for me to fulfill that desired destiny, if only I knew what it was I was called to do. Yet to my soul, it seem familiar, it all seem possible, like I’ve lived that moment before, that moment, which I am now seeking, that desire to be, is infinite. I wonder, could it be, I had a life that was so great before. One with a special kind of love, where a great destiny was fulfilled, and in this life the innate remembers and it wish to be once more. Is Possible my soul remembers the cadence of my former life and that fragrance of that former life still lingers in this new life, that fragrance is  the peace amidst the chaos of this new life, the heart remembers something that it has vowed never to forget, to never stop longing, searching and loving, the heart and soul remembers something so powerful that even in this new life, it echoes of a maybe yet again.

-Micheline Jean Louis

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