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Bio: THE ROSE ON THE GROUND..... You can never be too certain of how one life will turn out; all you can do is hope for an amazing life. With life you never know how the winds will blow, life rain on us all with droplets of pain and joy some will argue they got soak by more pain than joy, many of us would agree with such sentiments. You see all of us are writing a journal, though some of us are unaware of it. All that you do, every action you take, decisions and thoughts is equated to you writing a sentence in your journal of life, and trust me the universe is reading every word. Your daily actions and thoughts can be your SAVING GRACE.” You see many of you are waiting to get it all together to figure things out before you take the leap of greatness, some of you feel you need to overcome some obstacle first, be totally heal first, have every piece of the puzzle come to together first for you to make a move, well I got news for you, Life does not wait till we get it together and to be honest is when you are on the move pieces start falling together. Time does not wait till you think you are ready; time wait for no men. Many of you desire to be successful and by success for many Is simply having innate Joy, to tap into that inner peace, to know your own voice, to master your mind and emotions. You want to live a life without the weight of the past and a future barking at you. You want to win!!, I want to win, we all want to win, but ask yourself this, what is it that you want to be a winner of? Think about that for a minute) As for myself I want to win back my unconditioned self, I want my consciousness to be in control and my mind ego to lie dormant. Though we all at one point or another will have to face death, I want to live while dying. The society we live in wants us to believe that we are alone and that we have to try to make it on our own, But I disagree. I believe we all need one another, all of us come from one source, and we are all connected. We are not alone I am not alone, and you are not alone. We are the extended hand of the divine, let us be used to heal one another… sometime the mere knowledge of knowing you are not alone, and that someone can relate to you is the lifesaving rope that keep many of us holding on. Daily I will share more of my journey through my poetry, quotes and short stories, I will be as candid as I can, I will talk about the experience I’ve encounter that played an intricate part in my life, I will not sugarcoat nor downplay any part of my story, I will empty myself daily so I can have room to received true healing, I welcome all comments and advice and hopefully I can give some advice to you as well. I will also bring up different topics for discussion from spirituality, relationships, health, religion, love etc. Let us grow together!

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  1. Hi Micheline – I appreciate your follow! Your bio is moving.I’ve read a few of your poems and look forward to reading some more. All the best!

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  2. Hi Micheline, thanks for stopping by on my blog. 🙂 You’re right, no one is alone, so let’s connect in the bloggosphere. 🙂 Have a wonderful day. Until next time! Corina

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  3. Hello Micheline, it is very nice to meet you. Thank you for following my blog. I really enjoyed reading your musings, and I don’t want to miss anything. I’m following you! Blessings, and have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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  4. The quote from Gabriel Garcia Marquez is poignantly true, however I doubt seriously Micheline that you are in danger of age winding down at this point in time! Perhaps the implied truth we can gather, is that if all were to continually pursue their dreams they would extend their lives — without the use of other methods.

    Welcome to the world of the dream chasers. May your pursuits always be just a little out of reach.

    Thanks for visiting my writing studio, and for choosing to follow my work!

    — SM

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  5. THanks for sunscribing to my blog, Jean. Here you’ll find more than 3500 pictures( mostly in full screen) from Norway and Norwegian nature. Please enjoy!
    And if you really appreciate what you find, – please tell all your friends?
    It will be deeply appreciated!

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  6. Micheline,
    You began to follow our blog a while ago. I appreciate your support. I was initially using my blog to engae with my students; but, have now realized how my beauty is in the blogosphere. Thank you for illuminating with your lovely poetry and insights. I’ll be checking in more often…

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  7. I nominated you for the “Real Inspiring Blogger Award!” YAY! 🎉The “to do” list for this award is pretty easy, you basically just pass the award on to ten of your favorite bloggers. 😘 The “logo” and cut’n’ paste directions are on my home page at the bottom if you’re interested. 👍

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