Have you seen my beloved Poetry

Poetry, poetry where art thou? Have you decided to disperse your magic
Elsewhere? Have thou found another lover that caresses your core better than I?
Is her touch softer, does her lip drips sweeter honey then mine. Oh poetry, poetry..
Where has thou gone, did someone come like a thief in the night, and snatch you out of my breast while I was asleep. Or was it the sheikh that came to you with all manners of rubies, and offer you to be one of his concubines. Did you get too drunk with my pain and decided it was time to go to rehab.
Poetry oh poetry where have thou gone? My beloved geisha the perfect picture of ecstasy ,
Where art thou? You are the closest thing to heaven, the loveliness of your pure beauty, Untainted by reason and doubt. You are precious music to my soul; the way you move around my heart causes orgasmic freedom and peace. You, my Beloved poetry with your strength you push me to feel my darkest pain, and with much benevolence you connect my heart to the love of the universe. My beloved poetry you are the vision to my seeing eyes. You are the only road I can travel upon,
You are the raindrop to those that was left to die in the desert of hopelessness. My beloved poetry where art thou? Please come back to me, for if you do not I will surely cease to exist.

By Micheline Jeanlouis

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