I don’t know why I came here to this place
Where the rivers will soon dry out
And the smile of the sun will to fade
The wind will lose its thrill and be still forever

I don’t know why I came here to this life
What motivation or desires drove me to get here?
Was it in search of the glowing moon
Or just to hear the courageous sound of the ocean
Perhaps I am here to see the endless green meadows beauty

Could it be I am here to bear witness to the rise and fall of men,
To paint their love and hate, to remember their great goods and terrible evil,
Maybe I am here to be a part of it all, to participate, loose whatever self I am,

I don’t know why I’m here, only my death will know such possible reasons
Because the afterlife only gossip to death,
I am Here, so I will be what the moment dictates
And perhaps by sheer grace whatever comes after, my soul will remember that I was here and have always been.

~Micheline Jean Louis

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