We fought the wrong war

I sat across the table staring into silence
So much is said, without spoken words
Wrap in the arms of loneliness
While your presence is so near

Who have we become?
How did we become the monsters within?
While seeking only love,
I hurt you and you hurt me

Tic toc, where have time go?
All the moments we’ve lost
While searching for new ones
Those moments that never came

The leaves are changing again
Another season has come and gone
Shattered dreams, forgotten promises
We fail love, We fought the wrong war.

~Micheline Jean Louis

Tomorrow taken from us,we weren’t ready

(Dedication to the victims and families of the Orlando Shooting)

We wanted to go out tonight just to have fun,

the night was young

the anticipation of music and laughter
mixing together “exhilarating.”

Pulse racing “we are among those that share
the same courage to be ourselves.”

We were among friends

We had no Idea evil had plans tonight as well,
hate came with a vengeance
and reek havoc that took tomorrow away from us
we just wanted to have fun with friends and strangers
we just wanted to enjoy the music mixing with laughters

Our tomorrows  taken away from us in bloodsheds,
screams and fears.

we looked for a place to hide in the chaos, but hate found us anyways,
the sound of bullets invading was the last sound to our ears
tears in  our eyes
blood everywhere
phones ringing
the pleading voices “Please don’t kill me.”

hate declared war on us tonight and won

We had no idea this is how it would all end , we were not ready, we didn’t get to say our goodbyes, we didn’t get to say all the “I love you”.
we only came to have fun with our friends and strangers, we were not ready for the hate that took us from our tomorrow, we were not ready.

Micheline Jean Louis