Song of the wind

Listen to the wind, is singing a song from time of old,
The wind alone knows the secret of the beginning and the end.
It moves from all corners prophesying what has been and what is to come.
Listen with your eyes close, let the magic that’s in the wind kiss your soul
Let it heals the longing that haunts your heart.
Inhale! (Ahhh) the ecstasy of it all is blowing around you,
Close your eyes my fire and ice, listen to the wind, and let it move you with all passion
Thy eyes will see, thy heart will feel and thy soul will remember the language of the Universe.

~Micheline Jean Louis

I am the monster that loves you

I see beauty in what your angels’ considered flaws
I understand the language that your eyes speak
When your lips remain silent yet tremble in pain,
I am the monster that loves you, even when you don’t love you.
I see courage in your struggles to stand while the ones
You love only see failure, you reject that you are everything to me
Yet accept you are nothing to them, though I am cursed
By the sun rays that rule the day, the moon did favor me, and at night its grace
Beam down on me, if you could only look up at the stars at night,
You would see that I am the monster that loves you.

 Micheline Jean Louis