Be Brave

If you want to see the light, you have to be brave enough to walk through the darkness that’s in front of you.

~Micheline Jean Louis

This Maze of ours


This maze of ours
No beginning
No ending
A race
With no destination
Forever intertwining
With hopes of nothing new and old
Who we are and what we have become
Has lost in translation in the in between
Of who hurt more and who hurt less
This war we are fighting
We don’t even know how it started
But we are both determined to being the victor
Stupid fools we are
The casualty of our own war
Waving the flag of martyrdom
With no discernment
Ah! this web we weave
The more I hurt you
The more I am wounded
The more you hurt me
The more you are wounded
This maze of us with
No beginning
No ending
We are the face of love without a voice