Strange bedfellows

Loneliness, pain and I has become strange bedfellows

It wasn’t plan; as a matter of fact I never welcome their companionship

But as you know life will deal us a hand of cards and demand us to play it,

You never know what the outcome will be. So as the years

Comes and goes, loneliness and pain has remain consistent.

People has betray and walk away from me, but not pain and loneliness

They have always been faithful to me; I have tried to escape their affection for me

I’ve always seek their opposites, but their opposites never had eyes for me I suppose,

This is not the love and friendship that I had hope to have,

But it was pain and loneliness that found me and said

I love you.

~Micheline Jean Louis

The storm is coming

Clear the way the storm is coming
The gathering of dust has begun
The colorful leaves knows their time is near
We can hear the sound of her heart breaking from afar
We know her rage will be great
Her wrath will be like no other
The clouds witness her pain, so in unity they stand
Thunders roars, lightning strikes
The sun in shame hid her face, so darkness looms
The ground chant “you sow chaos, so chaos you shall reap”
The ocean recede to gather her might to strike
Rocks crumbling, volcanoes roaring
The end is here, Oh children of men, where will you find shelter?
The gods has erase their memory of you
Nature has raise swords against you.
What will you do? there is no hiding place.
Children of men, judgment has come upon you
And you have been found guilty.
In the middle of the desert in darkness, an Old Wise man whispers these words
“Alas dust remembers her image and she wants all her children back,
From dust we came, from dust we shall return.”
~Micheline Jean Louis