Your Memory of love


I went looking for you everywhere, through time and space, heaven and hell but I did not find you, I listened for you in the wind, no sound of your voice; I searched in the speck of sun rays in hopes to capture your smile, I went to the ocean and plead with my tears, but to no avail the ocean has no clue of your where about, life don’t remember your breathing, death has no tomb stone of you, where have you gone? But my heart remembers you, it remembers the way you loved me, the way you held me safely in your arms, the way your eyes caresses me in kindness, my soul bears those tattoo of your kisses and passion, though the world has forgotten you and you are now perhaps in a secret world of the unknown, you live and exist in me, for I have become the memory of your love.
~Micheline Jean Louis

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