I bleed my Thoughts on paper

I grab my pen and began to bleed my thoughts on paper

Exposing the scars of yesterday.

Painful memories flashing about

Revealing  brokenness, shame and guilt.

these mirrors in my head

Reflecting yesterday anguish.

Anger flares burning the paper with words

the apologies that I may never hear and the relationships

that may never mend, my only hope is

to bleed and bleed my thoughts  on papers.

I no longer want to carry the weight of pain

I no longer want to be a victim.

This pen in my hand is strong enough to express my sorrow

The piece of paper is not afraid of my past neither does it judge.

I know the world will never understand why

I’m willing to bleed my thoughts to death on a piece of paper

But I want to live my best life, and If I keep my past

A prisoner I will never have the freedom to live and  become

my greatest self. .

Words by Micheline Jean Louis