Perhaps Amidst the chaos of one seeking Identity


We are living in a time where there is a great desire to find self, perhaps in this chaos, this confusion of identity will lead us all to something greater, perhaps in our mission to discover where we belong and who we are when it comes to, race, religion, gender etc., we’ll somehow end up in oneness by realizing that all of us came from one source and when death kiss our trembling lips, it will bring us back into the arms of that one source. Perhaps

~Micheline Jean Louis

6 thoughts on “Perhaps Amidst the chaos of one seeking Identity

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  1. I’m all for people seeking their identity..but this case-in its totality- has some disturbing “side issues” don’t you think? What if I “identified” as pregnant, simply because I loved being pregnant- would that be anyone’s business? You could argue my strapping on a fake belly so I can get the attention I crave and wear the maternity clothes I love is no big deal.

    But what if I expected people to give up their seats on the train?..or I parked in special parking for ‘mothers-to-be’ at the mall- possibly taking up a spot that could be used by someone who really is pregnant? What if I had a boyfriend? My choice would obviously lead people (his parents!!) to make assumptions..would he have a right to tell me not to identify as a pregnant woman because of our relationship?– No one lives in a vacuum, I guess that’s why it’s all so complicated. I’ll have to wait to hear more about this story..

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    1. I would like to hear her logic behind her decision. I dont agree with her decision to lie of course . but the way social media is attacking this lady as if she was a serial killer like she has commited the ultimate sin i find more disturbing

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      1. Oh I agree…sadly, thats’ the way it is these days…attacking others has become sport. I also am uncomfortable with lies.. The pathway to truth cannot be paved in lies.

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