Love Need us


Love is not complicated or as far-fetched as many of us believed, and is not something to be confused about; love is a simple entity in the world when you truly understand love symbolism. Love is everything in the universe joined, and if you can grasp and understand the make-up of the universe you will comprehend love, if you can feel the harmony that connects everything, you’ll realize the magic and the power of love. Love is a force that needs our permission to become powerful in this life, love is oxygen that needs inhaling to become powerful , love is the natural medicine that needs our hands to heal, love is a poem that needs  birthing through a poet, love is philosophy that needs the minds of philosophers to inspires ideas, love is a dance that needs to express itself through our movements, love is music that needs our ears to be meaningful, love is always searching for itself, always desiring to hear an echo of itself, love needs to connect to itself always to be purposeful, when we extend love to one another; we are connecting love to itself. We often say we need love, never realizing that love needs us just the same, we are the fuel that love needs to exude its greatness in this world. Fundamentally love can’t exist without us, we are the vehicle that love needs to function in this world, Love needs us all for its continual existence.

Micheline Jean Louis

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