Pain found me and said “I love you.”


The bitterness of my poems has become a cruel tenderness,

Which I nurtured with great satisfaction.

Forget pain, forget pain they preached, but how can I?

When I have a passionate affair with pain.

How can I forget what I have become?

In the morning my soul faces sorrows

In the night my dreams are the agony of my sadness.

I’ve become addicted to what brings cruel tenderness

 I have forgiven the sins, but the sins refuses to forgive me.

What was I looking for, Love, happiness, but instead pain

Found me, and said “I love you.”

I prayed and plead with pain to release me but pain close

His heart to my grief, instead pain whispered in my ear “I’m captivated by you, you are now

One of my concubines.

 Pain look upon the wounds he has caused with great pride, I’ am one of his greatest masterpiece.

So now my greatest joy is my pain, which I nurtured with sweet rhymes of poetry.

Pain has become the quenching thirst to my lips, because pain was the first to find me and said “I love you.

© All copy rights reserved by Micheline Jean Louis

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