Burning Desire

As I watched her florescent body dance in the beam light of Italia

Her summer smile radiating warmth through my heart

As her April eyes engage my soul, I remember god Glory.

I’m not a religious chap, but I converted the moment Catalina held my hands.

I didn’t know I was living in hell until she kissed me and found myself in her heaven.

My heart has become a canvas where my soul paints her in passion

My taste buds knows no other flavor beside Catalina.

Spanish guitars are drawn to the sway of her hips like magnet Creating rhythm no man can escape,

Love isn’t this everything we’ve dreamed of?  a Catalina.

She make us sin while we are in heaven,

At the sight of her our strengths lurched.

Ha! man goes to war hoping for a victory, while Love and I goes to war with a different courage

We hope to become martyrs and never to return.

Catalina the beautiful war we love to fight and hope to lose.

Micheline Jean Louis

Painting by

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