Forget me not

Forget me not, for I am seeking the truth to love and its purpose for my soul
Forget me not my love, for I too carry the scars of yesterday love that had love alone.
Forget me not my friends; remember I was right alongside you while we embark on the journey of fidelity and we both walk away with arrows piercing our hearts.

Mothers forget me not, for I too have known the pain of giving birth to life.
Fathers don’t turn so quickly for I also work beside you so I may eat.
Mother Africa forget me not, my heartbeat still dances to your drumbeats,and my skin color still blazes your Glory.

Philosophers, will you remember how we sat around in the desert toiling with wisdom, and Little children remember I was among you when Melchizedek offered us a drink from his cup Salem.
My Muslim brothers and sisters will you remember me? for I too am the seed of Abraham, My Christians Brothers and sisters will you do the same? for I too  am the seed of  Abraham.
My sisters of the earth remember your greatest treasure is your womb, for it is there God come to make himself and that treasure I too have.

To my  beautiful children’s forget me not and go after what other men does not seek and there you will always find me. Love I know you won’t forget me, for I have visited your memory too often, and hell  certainty you won’t forget me, for how many time have I find myself in your presence, heaven in your memory will I linger? for we have been on the same path walking side by side in search of each other, My beloved, my lovers don’t forget our passion, for your memory I too will become. Remember that  I love you and I will honor that love even in Uncertainty, Forget me not.

Micheline Jean Louis

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