Dear Depression…..

Dear depression
I’m sorry you had to find out this way, we’ve been together for so long I never thought we could part.
You were my identity, you were my voice of reason,  you were the only
Place that I could be gloom, but its time for me to say good bye
You are cancerous to my soul, toxic to my being, you offered me a glass and I drank too much
and became an addict. I was convinced the world out there was hell and you were my safe haven, I convinced myself that I needed you, I was wrong, I found out you only exist because I allow you to be, so depression I’m leaving you. I’ve seen the aftermath of those that could not escape you, all that’s left of them are memories by their love ones, I know it’s not going to be easy but I’m determine not to let your lips kiss my soul again.
I no longer want to be a slave to you by living in fear, nurturing my pain to feed your ego, Oh by the way,I’ve met someone else who is beautiful and strong, she has some cracks but she is no longer broken, she bear some scars but she’s not damage, yes I found myself.
While I was in pain I happen to wonder what life would be without you and at that moment grace gave me a glimpse of what happiness might look and feel like, so now I have the courage to leave. Thanks for the lessons but our times have come to an end. Good bye depression

Micheline Jean Louis

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  1. Life is a….was going to say hard but I might as well say it as it really comes to my head, which really is, life it´s a bitch, so fuck it let´s keep going or at leat me now and I do know about depression and such, so there it goes. Just put one foot in front of the other, slowly and slowly or maybe even quicker

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