To Be Love


I know pain

I know it hurts

I know rejections

I know fear

I know betrayal

I know loneliness

I know emptiness

I also know how to love

How to forgive

How to give

How to care

How to be loyal and faithful

What I don’t know is how it feels  to be love by someone else

I don’t know how it feels  to be cared for

I don’t know how it feels  to be significant in someone else’s life

I want to look into someone’s eyes and know that I am love,

Before I leave this world, I want to know how it feels  to be love.

Micheline Jean Louis

Painting by Alexandre-deschaumes

3 thoughts on “To Be Love

  1. I saw love walk hand in hand with death
    I saw death as the love I could not miss
    I saw myself as the living dead
    I saw love with my heart as it drained of red
    I saw myself as a ghost of the life I could never live

    PS Love the format and wording, epic grade

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