I do not look at planet earth as a place where people come to die, but I see it as a place where hero’s come to be born, where greatness is achieve, a place where the soul come to take form, to live, love and to experience every element that exist, Yes I choose to see the magic that’s around us, inspiring our mind of endless possibilities, the marvel of nature, serene yet powerful. I reverence the simple things as I reverence the grandiose, I see divinity at work, creating a beautiful orchestra and each and every one of us is an instrument being united to create the most beautiful tune, the sweetest melody, so God may waltz.

© All copy rights reserved by Micheline Jean Louis

Paining by

Teach me again love

Love let me submerge in your tenderness; Let me bask in your eternal dusk. Caress me in your wisdom; possess me in your today. Allow me to sit in your classroom, be a student again. I am ready to learn all that you’ll teach.
Micheline Jean Louis.
© All copy rights reserved by Micheline Jean Louis