Let Me!


Do not fight my journey; keep your judgmental lust to yourselves.

Can you not hear the dream road yelling out my name? I’m on the path of creating my legacy of love
Passion raging to spring forth, screaming from every pour of my being, so
Stop throwing your religion at me, my mind is too far ahead for such fantasy; let me find my passion wings. The fragment of a moment is all I have and I will not give it to injustice faith, so stop trying to put me in hell, when heaven is whispering my name.

Let me dream, dreams

Let me love in peace

Let me live as I desire

Let me love without needing to give a reason as to why.
Why should your opinions be my definition?
These stifling conformity, to what end?
Just let me be!

Micheline Jean Louis

Picture :Richard Young

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