The Meaning to Life: The Discovery


I have heard on numerous occasions that I’m the only one that can define my life, that I’m the only one who can give meaning to my life, So my next question is how? Well I begin to do some soul searching by finding that quiet place within and did some deep digging and this is what I discovered. Before I share with you I must say I was skeptical of the possibility, Can anyone truly discover the truest form of the meaning of one’s life? Do we have to pursue such daunting task? I understand that life can’t truly be defined by just one individual, because this one lifetime that all of us is experiencing at once, has all life’s forces connected to it and with so much diversity involve, it would be impossible for just one absolute definition, so In my quest to find the meaning of my life, I had to first start with one word, Meaning. I went back and study the word meaning again, what does it mean? meaning is an interpretation, the gist of something. The definition of meaning marinate in my soul and I was like Whoa! Who is more qualified to give substance, to bring the essence to my life, but moi! After grasping that part, I decided to change the question instead of what is the meaning of my life, I now say what is the expression of my life? How am I expressing myself in this life, my actions and inaction’s, what do they say about me? Life is an expression of collective moments we create individually and collectively, so individually what am I saying about myself to the world? Now I truly understand when it is said “Life is a book” because all of us represent a chapter in it. By rephrasing my question of what is the meaning of my life to how am I expressing myself to the world, what impression my day to day living imparting? Are my behaviors positive or negative? You see everything that we do is a sentence forming in our chapter of life, So I became very still in pondering about what I have done in the past to what I’m doing now, after analyzing , I said to myself “ok now, moving forward what am I going to do or not do so I can better express myself in this life, Now that I’ve realized after self-analyzing I was not doing a good job of expressing myself clearly, there was lacking in inconsistency, the reason being for the inconsistency , I was lost in translation, I was not sure of my identity of who I was and who I was not, which is the number one key to giving clarity to who you truly are. You have to unequivocally know who you are. There’s no way I could have given true meaning to something that I was not sure of. So hence I had to discover who I am, and let me tell you, best decision I ever made, and that was to unconditioned whom society, family, race, culture, religion says I was or should be, and it was not easy it was painful, But nonetheless life rewarding. So here’s some of the questions I had to ask myself in the quest of what is the meaning of my life or how am I expressing myself to the world?

Questions 1: Am I a good steward of over my life: What I mean by that is, what am I doing with the life that is given to me, what am I doing to improve it? Am I making the best out of it, or am I just a zombie breathing, some of us are not engaged in our own lives, we have given that power to other people To dictate what we should do and shouldn’t do, a good steward means taking full responsibility for the well-being of your life

. Question 2: what type of investment am I making towards my life you have to invest in yourself daily, and by investment I mean you have to create time in the day for you to spend with yourself

A: Meditation, yes meditation to me is healing balm for the soul, the fuel that we need to stay focus and be proactive in our lives

B: Nurture your mind and body, seek total wellness, you have a lot of people that are physical fit but mentally and spiritually unhealthy

C: keep an open mind, allow yourself room for growth

D: have the mindset of a good student; A great teacher never stop being a student. The extent to which you invest in yourself is vital to how you will give expression of your life, what your life manifest is determined by what you have invested in yourself

Question: 3 what is my stance in life? You have to know where you stand in life, you cannot be flip flopping around, and there are something’s in your life that have to demand that you be adamant about. For example, I believe everyone should have the right to choose their own spiritual path and I believe no one has the right to judge how someone and what someone choice of beliefs should be, I don’t care if someone choose to worship a tree, or a rock, I choose to respect that, if that’s their choice, forcing someone to believe in your choice of religion etc., is a great sin toward whatever you believe in.

Questions 4: if they were to gather everyone that I have come in contact with and place them in one room and ask them, how did I treat them, how did I make them feel? What would they say? What would be the overwhelm response of the impact I made? Now that one had me in a place I have yet been able to describe, I know we have been taught not to give too much credence to what people think about us and their opinions, I agree to some point, but it should matter a little , because it does give a hint to how you are projecting yourself to the world, I call them witnesses, they do have a role to play, now keep in mind there will be one or two individuals no matter what that will not like you, but if you take 10 people removing those two, the other 8 who does not know one another their perception of you should be look at, not to take as a definite, but for mere observation, I call it one of the little nuggets if use wisely can help in the process of growth.

Questions 5: How do I love, perceive love, and desire to be loved and the motive behind my love? When it comes to love just like life is all interpretation, there is no one definition; I believe there is a different level in how one might love For example the love I have for my two children is eternal, no one else will get that type of love from me in this lifetime, is unexplainable, there’s no end point in my love for them, there’s no destination point that need to be reached, is eternal. The bullet I would take for my children, I will not take it for a dear friend, though I love my friends I will not die for them because I have to live for my children, we love the people in our lives, but there are certain battles we will opt out to fight for them and with them, so I love based on the caliber of relationship I have with the people in my life. Now when it comes to compassion it is extended equally to all, compassion I call it the general love, when it comes to motives in regards to love I don’t have any, general love, is innate in me, I don’t have to know you to have that compassion towards you. Only those that have lost touch with their humanity would have a motive to show compassion to another human being.

Answering those questions provided me with much clarity in my quest for the meaning of my life, there were other questions and I believe as my desire for continuous growth more questions will forms, But those five I feel were ground breaking for me. Perhaps in the past I did not convey my life expression as I should ,but moving forward with great confidence I know I will express my life with more clarity and how I want to be remembered. I now know I am responsible for the impression I create and leave behind. My advice is this to find the meaning to your life, you have to take ownership of your life, you have to take charge and be the captain at the helm, your life is your ship you have to learn how to navigate it, Everyone else is just shipmates, they cannot or should not be the one navigating your life. You are the only one that can showcase you, you are the one that’s writing the meaning of your life, so own it and make a bestseller!

By Micheline Jean Louis

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  1. Your answers to question 2 has considerable wisdom in them. To discover the meaning or quest of one’s life ii is important to surrender completely to the Supreme Force and go along with the flow.

    Cheers and regards 🙂

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  2. Thoughtful writing. While impossible to describe in a sentence, or even many, to me, the beauty of life lies in the uncertainty. Keeps you attentive and sharp. And you need to try and do your best all the time.

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