I’ve come to empty myself on this blessed parchment, however I

Have no plans to write beautiful poems to offer your mind warmth.

Nor will I write riddles to have you assume I am wise,

I will only write the truth of my yesterday’s gone into my today’s,

Do not look for words that will give hints about the rivers of sorrows I’ve encountered,

I will simply pen about the journey that I walk with invisible legs.

My desire is not to paint myself a heroic figure, for there remained myriad of self-inflicted

Wounds to discredit such notion of heroism, I will only write my truth and let you decide

If the devil love me more and God love me less, or God love me more and the devil love me less,

Or maybe, just maybe when it comes to me there is a balance of mutual feelings between them two.

©2014 Micheline Jean Louis All Rights Reserved

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