What if there was no life after death? What if all there will ever be of you and I are residues of memories we created with each other, and those memories will only exist for as long we can remember them?  What if our immortality which we all crave and seek is in those memories? Our actions and our inaction, our kindness and unkindness, what if our immortality are  solely based on the memories we’ve created while we were living ? what if our heaven and hell is how others will  remember us base on the impression we made ?

“Oh love let me embrace your path, to be remembered in kindness so I may remain immortal.”  Micheline Jean Louis

Painting by Akiane

7 thoughts on “Immortality

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  1. They say you have two deaths. The physical and then the one when the last person mentions your name.

    I don’t believe in an afterlife so for me it is very important to try and live the best I can now.

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