Demon in my head


It takes strength and great courage to be happy in spite of life unexpected turns
Is like rolling a dice you just never know what situations will come your way
Some of us have found ways to accept and adapt to those changes, while there are others
That can’t find the will to adapt to those changes, which does not imply there are weaker, it simply mean that they have not find a way to cope. And that’s where depression comes in and rule. I called depression a demon and its whole purpose is to commit you to a life that is bleak and full of hopelessness. Depression will always have you wondering what more can there be when the very essence of life has become the enemy?

Demon in my head….
The demon in my head
Taunts me everyday
It tells me how I’m a failure
It tells me how it’s my fault that things always goes wrong
It tells me I’m a Nobody
It tells me no one will ever love me
It tells me I’m ugly
It tells me I am the wrong skin color
This demon never fail to mention
How I am the wrong size and height
It paints memories of all the pains that I have gone through
It tells me I am a life that was unwanted
The demons in my head make fun of how I keep hoping things will work out for me at the end.
This demon says I am weak
But how can I be weak when I am still here?
How can I be a failure while I still live?
How can I be a nobody when my womb have given birth to wonderful beings
How can I be ugly when my reflection is smiling back at me?
Wrong size and height? Who deemed it so, is there a law?
When I ask these questions back in my head, the demon stop and silence emerge
Yes every day this demon will taunts me but I am determine to question
Everything negative that does not match the perception I have of myself.

Some of us have to fight daily to keep our Happiness

By Micheline Jean Louis

Paintings : Uknown

6 thoughts on “Demon in my head

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  1. Do you suffer from depression? If not, this is a beautiful peace in empathy. If so, I want you to know that this peace is wonderful and to keep channeling your energy into this positive expression. I suffer depression often, and this made me smile. It is nice to know that there are other people, strong people like yourself, that are in the battle too or at least understand it. Cheers!

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  2. Micheline, I just today started a post on something that Jesus said related to your post. BTW, great graphic for illustrating your message.
    Jesus: “The enemy comes only to steal, kill and destroy, I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly.”
    The enemy is out to destroy us! You’ve rightly ID’ed the source–demon in my head. You are not alone!!! All have experienced these. In face one of our pastors just labeled these for me–ANTS. Automatic negative thoughts. About 50% of our thoughts are negative. These are messages the evil one sends our way and when he does some of them may impact us. Now we have to recognize the source and not believe these thoughts. Counter them with the words of Jesus. If no other words, those above: He did not come to cause you to believe those thoughts that come into your head, he came to destroy evil and to give you abundant life in Him.
    I don’t care if others say these things, if your mother, father, brother, sister or husband said these things to you–they are NOT true!
    I am not being positive to cheer you up. I am saying these things because I know we all are in a battle–evil hunts us all! I want every one out of the ditch in our thoughts and disbelief and into the Glory that Jesus meant us to have II Cor 4.
    Micheline, I am glad you are out here. I am praying that you discover the glory that is yours. You are beautiful of mind, soul and heart and God has chosen you to show His glory to your part of the world. Rest in that and rejoice. Blessings today sister.

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  3. Yep daily task it is to starve the icky deamon you described.
    I want more experiance and understanding of feeding the good demon.
    It’s a bit beyond bible quotes perhaps.
    Your understanding seems to come from personal experiance and questioning and understanding. Refreshing. There is no story without a struggle. I think yours, your story your struggle is more interesting than Jesus’s. You are here and now. All of us. We are happening.
    You are and I like it. I feel company and encouraged. Thank you.

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