At the end of a…

At the end of all things we just want to know that we are not invisible, that in the grand schemes of things we are significant somehow . Micheline Jean Louis”

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  1. This is very true! You are significant greatly so! Personally speaking I felt invisible and was till I started putting my own wants and needs first or at least somewhere other then last! That truly was the hardest thing to do! You matter!


  2. I went through a hole bunch of your poems and they´re great, I like when people put a picture that reflects the words or makes the reader interpret it the way he or she does. I was going to put “like´s” on every one but I thought it was a bit too much 🙂 .
    This quote really got to me, because it couldn´t be more true. Even when I tell myself that I´m cool with being me and that I don´t need anybody or that I don´t care if they read my things, e.t.c. I´m lying to myself really. Humans by nature, one more than others, do want to be acknowledge in some form, being invisible is quite a screwed up way to be living that´s for sure. It wouldn´t be living as a matter of fact. I´m glad you stumbled upon my crazy un paid blog.
    Now you have earned yourself a new stalker.

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