The Law of Love


I did not know what to expect when I laid eyes on him

I did not know the law of love, or what it entails

So I surrender as passion flares in our eyes

He whispered my name with an enchanting sound

That captivated my heart that led me into a

Rapturous affair, within a glance I found love

I stored him in my heart, not knowing what to expect

I did not know the law of love, so

I yield my heart unworried

But then I woke up finding myself

In the garden of bliss alone

With hope I waited and waited for his heart to turn to me.

Silence rage as the garden withered away

Realization sets in, that his heart will never be mine

I did not know the law of love

Until the day I love alone.


Micheline Jean Louis

painting by Cruachan

4 thoughts on “The Law of Love

  1. This was beautiful. The strength and passion that swelled inside of this poem: surprised me. And I’m still thinking about the words. The last line is so true. We never know… until we’re alone.


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