Like a magnet we are drawn to her essence

 We are magnetize by the beauty resting in her eyes
when she walks the sway of her hips create music
even the wind is captivated by her pureness.
Her presence is royalty, everything around her becomes majestic.
Next to her the rainbow become monochrome
in her presence, wise man becomes foolish and unlearned.
Her voice so soft, that only those in peace can hear her.
There is so much depth in her footsteps; blind men follow her everywhere she goes.
Her skin color is  radiant, because it’s the color of us all.
The young men’s wonder will she continued to carry such grace in old age, but the old men’s knows she will never age.

She is our mother

Our father

Our friend

Our lover

And her name is Wisdom


Micheline Jean Louis

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