My Beloved Poetry

Poetry my blessed friend always so near,
Always  understanding, never judging
Gentle kiss you place in my mind with freedom embrace.
Poetry my passionate lover, always ready to accept me in whatever state of mind I might be in. always ready for my release, always eager to push me to my desires
Poetry who is more than a mother and a father, never denying me your breast to suckle upon or too young to walk abreast your strength. 
Poetry my soul mate, in you I find total wholeness, in you my destiny is completion.
my beloved poetry in you I release my innate passion, in you my being is conceive and born.
My sweet poetry in you there is no life and death, but that which has always been eternity.
My precious poetry you are the mother of all pearls and the father of all gems, your grace is the imagination of the universe.
Poetry you are inspiration, you are wisdom constantly empowering.

The essence of you forever evolving into greatness.
ImageMy beloved Poetry I love you with all that is majestic and great in the realm of deity



By Micheline Jean Louis



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