Today I woke up to the tender touch of love

Caressing my inner thoughts with delight

Kissing me with divine passion,

The heart is awakened; hmm love has come with all grace!

Today I woke up with love on my mind saw a vision of you, and knew it was good,

 My heart dance with yours to ecstasy.

Today your love became my second skin, what bliss to be wrap in such warmth.

Today the greater you met the greater me and together we became the greatest inspiration that kept the heaven spellbound.

Today honey was not the sweetest thing to my lips, your kiss hmm orgasmic.

Today I saw love in fruition in the hand of God, with a smile he handed you to me.

Today I found myself

Today love and I became best friends

Today I found heaven in you

Today my heart says yes to love,

Today I open up my heart to you and found my greatest strength

I Thank the divine for blessing me with Today

Micheline Jeanlouis

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